Ropin' Ranch Privacy Policy
    Ropin’ Ranch is a website that allows users to send personal private messages in order to make friends online or to improve personal game play. Guests playing Ropin’ Ranch under 13 years of age, are recommended not to use these features but are not prohibited. The information gathered at both the registration and through the user’s personal settings are confidential, unless allowed to be viewed on the profile page. All inappropriate or offensive content is prohibited to be displayed through both profile page, pictures, private messaging forum posts or any other ways of communicating on the site. Any user reported for inappropriate or offensive content will be reviewed and disciplined appropriately depending on the content they have displayed to the public Ropin’ Ranch community.

Table of Contents:

   • Profile Pages

   • Profile Pictures

   • Usernames

   • Private Messaging

   • Forum Use

   • Required By Law

   • Helping Hands

Profile Page:

    A user’s profile page holds a personalized presentation made by the user to show both the user’s individuality and the user’s plans in game play. The content of the profile page is not filtered prior to being submitted, but can be reported and reviewed if the content is deemed inappropriate or offensive to other players. The profile page also displays the user’s username, date of registration and last connection date. If a user is reported, and it’s deemed that they have breached the guidelines of inappropriate behavior, their game can and will suffer consequences.

Profile Picture:

    A user has the option to upload profile pictures represent their identity throughout the Ropin’ Ranch community. Those who do not set a personal profile picture will get a default image made by Ropin’ Ranch. Although not recommended, a personal picture of the user is not prohibited. A user can be reported for displaying a picture that could be considered offensive or inappropriate to other users. All reports will be reviewed thoroughly and addressed accordingly depending on the content.


    Usernames chosen at registration must be appropriate and respectful to other players while in the community of Ropin’ Ranch. If a username is found offensive to other players, banning or even removal from the Ropin’ Ranch community can occur in order to keep an appropriate environment for other players. Users have the opportunity to be evaluated on their individual game play and then placed in a ranking which would display their username and a link to their page. To search for a specific user, a directory and a search option is available. When a horse is sold, placed into the wild, or born under a user’s stable, a user’s name will also be displayed. This will allow a player to easily access profile pages and/or to give players credit for the horse that they’ve bred. When on different user’s pages, any player may friend other users for immediate access to their page/pages in the future.

Private Messaging:

    Private messaging allows users to communicate with other players. This strategizes game play and encourages communication skills. Private messaging should NOT be used to spam, advertise, harass or offend other players in the community. Messages are kept private between two users, and can be reported if any member feels that the content is offensive or inappropriate. Messages from the Ropin’ Ranch team will always be bolded so users know it is an official message and not scam oriented. Moderators of the site will NEVER ask for a member’s password. Abusing the private messaging feature, can result in being banned and/or being suspended from the site.

Forum Use:

    Forum messages allow the user to share thoughts and ideas to the Ropin’ Ranch public community. As like ‘Private Messaging’, Forum messages should not be used to advertise, spam, harass, or offend other players in any way. Users using the public forums are advised to NOT provide personal information about themselves as an individual. Ropin’ Ranch moderators will monitor forum messages, but are not responsible for content that could offend other players. Content deemed inappropriate to the public community will be handled accordingly.

Required By Law:

    Ropin’ Ranch is required by law to disclose any personal information given to law enforcement or used in court, should the need arise or be requested.  

Helping Hands:

    A grading system has been specifically created to keep detailed records when dealing with players who abuse privileges. This Ropin’ Ranch grading system is called ‘Helping Hands’. Each user will be given 10 ‘Hands’ at the beginning of their gameplay, and if at any time they prove themselves unable to use the communication systems properly, these ‘Hands’ will be docked accordingly. As a user’s amount of ‘Hands’ diminishes, the user will also forfeit specific opportunities throughout the game. This forfeiture of ‘Hands’ will not however, limit normal game play re: taking care of horses, selling horses, or any non-communicating game play. If and when a user reaches 0 ‘Hands’, they will either be banned or suspended from the game for a specific amount of time.