Ropin' Ranch Terms of Service

Table of Contents:

   • Conditions for Order

   • Purchase Rights

   • Pricing

   • Payment Solutions

   • Termination

   • Revision

Conditions for Order:

    Horseshoes: In order to purchase any in-game currency, a user must have a valid account verified by an email confirmation code. If a user never validated their account, they can go into their game settings and resend themselves a code.

Purchase Rights:

    When a user purchases ‘in-game currency’ from Ropin’ Ranch, the user has not purchased any rights to the company Ropin’ Ranch, nor does the user own any part of the site Ropin’ Ranch. The user has the rights to use the ‘in-game currency’ (Horseshoes) as they please, but the user is not purchasing anything except virtual currency.


    Ropin’ Ranch offers different packages available for purchase and has the right to change package prices at any time. Ropin’ Ranch also has the right to offer discounts or specific promotions when they choose to do so. Once a purchase has been made, a discount or refund will not be made available to the user, even if a discount or refund is offered afterwards.  Ropin’ Ranch has the right to change the content/contents of their packages at any time. Again, once a purchase has been made, the user is not eligible to receive any edited content/contents of a purchase. When making any online purchases, Ropin’ Ranch is not responsible for any additional costs (i.e., sales tax, bank fees and/or PayPal applicable fees). Any additional costs/fees will be the responsibility of the user. Once a purchase has been made, no refunds will be given unless the purchase was made by a user under the age of 18 and the purchase is over $15. USD. All purchases will be confirmed with a follow-up email to the user. 

Payment Solutions:

    Ropin’ Ranch currently offers the option to purchase items through Paypal. Again, any additional charges that may occur as a result of a purchase is the responsibility of the user. Users must keep their payment info up to date. If a user is subscribed to a monthly payment and the user’s payment info is not current or active, Ropin’ Ranch has the right to contact the user about payment and/or cancel the user’s subscription. Payments must be paid in advance. There are no exceptions to this policy. Refunds will not be applicable upon request, unless the user is under 18 years of age and the purchased content is over $15. USD. Contents of purchases only become available once payment has been made by the user. Any user having problems or issues with purchases, please contact: [email protected].


    Ropin’ Ranch has the right to suspend or cancel any purchases that have already been approved. If a user’s account shows a suspended or cancelled purchase, an email notification will be sent to the email address on file for that user. If a subscription is close to expiring, is due for payment or has billing information issues, the user will be notified 30 days in advance. Ropin’ Ranch has the right to cancel or suspend any purchases or services at any time if a user violates the Privacy Policies Guidelines of Ropin’ Ranch. 


    Ropin’ Ranch has the right to change or modify any prices listed on games and/or website. Ropin’ Ranch can add or delete any clauses within their ‘Terms of Service’ without notification on the change. The date listed at the top of the document is the date of the last revision. Please check all modifications and/or changes to these documents regularly.